Hi All! I am on here to support all the other Little Monsters of Lady Gaga. I love to post pictures & videos of her. I love her music and attitude towards her music and what she has done for all her fans..I believe she is a great role model for people to follow. Any questions or comments send to me..Thanks

Tuesday 15th January

few highlights of last nights concert of Born this Way Ball:

  • When Gaga sang “The Queen” and after the lyrics of “Don’t Forget Me When I Come Crying To Heaven’s Door” she said “that’s for Jamey”
  • After LoveGame she teased us about pulling up her skirt to show her ass by saying “I know you all have been waiting all night for this”….then after three times of teasing she pulled up her skirt
  • A fan threw a USA flag on stage and she ran around on top of the monster pit stage holding it up and then finally sliding on the stage on top of it
  • During the “Bad Kids” speech she asked “Who her has to work tomorrow?” (after people yelled and raised hands she replied “I don’t give a fuck if you have to work tomorrow as I have to work too as I have to go to the next city”
  • It was the first day of the Born Brave Bus and she said she was excited about it opening and giving little monsters a place to visit and talk about there troubles and issues with other little monsters for help.
  • She asked “who is coming back to watch me for the ArtPop Ball?”
  • "My name is Lady Gaga And I have Arrived, MotherFuckers!"

Overall I had a fantastic night by meeting a lot of people and talking with them during the show.

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